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Sagewash Sanitizer Spray 750ml - Pet Safe

Sagewash Sanitizer Spray 750ml - Pet Safe

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• The Sagewash Sanitizer solution effectively kills germs and bacteria within seconds!

Sagewash Tested & Proved Effective vs CoronaVirus, H1N1, Norovirus & E-coli. Listeria & many more..

The fantastic Sagewash Sanitizer Ready to Use Solution, has been expertly produced to be ''super efficient'' and eliminating bacteria & viruses even when only a small amount is sprayed onto surfaces.. The pH has been lowered to @ 6.0 and the solution made a little stronger..equating to an ORP level in excess of 920mV. Proving that Sagewash Ready to Use really is a world leader in disinfection..

Effective against Parvovirus - canine & feline, Herpes - canine& feline, feline calicivirus FCV, MRSA, canine parainfluenza, canine distemper, canine adenovirus, influenza virus, H1N1 & H1N5, Bovine CoronaVirus, and many others

The Sagewash Sanitizer system is truly the best kennel cleaning and sanitizing product on the market. It saves time, money and provides a clean and safe environment by killing animal pathogens, viruses, bacteria and fungi. In addition, Sagewash Sanitizer is perfect for disinfecting dog and cat cages, play yards, portable kennels, animal dishes, kennel pads and storage bins!

Sagewash Sanitizer is utilized everyday by veterinarians, vet clinics, veterinary hospitals, animal shelters, dog boarding kennels, pet care centers, doggy daycares and animal breeders with extraordinary success. If you are an animal or pet care facility, let Sagewash Sanitizer help to reduce your raw material costs, employee labor expenses, facilitate water savings and help to ensure the health and safety of all your animals!

• Sagewash Sanitizer is safe around animals and people. It does not require rinsing after application, is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. EPA registered and USDA approved.
• A bucket is no longer a required cleaning tool; the Sagewash Sanitizer applicator automatically mixes the correct ratio of disinfecting agent to water and sprays it directly on the surface. Because there is no batching mixing, the disinfecting solution is always at its most effective.

The advantages are:
• Cleans and freshens
• Sanitizes: Pet areas - dog houses, dog yards, water bowls, dog crates, kennel runs, pet cages, cat condos
• Quickly cleans: Mops, scrub brushes, and door mats
• Reaches: hard to clean areas cracks, corners and crevices
• Dog Play Areas: any type of ground cover including gravel, cement, wood chips or artificial turf
• Sanitizes equipment and facilities

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