100% Natural, best quality British treats, chews & bones. Variety of favourite dog treats and chews.

Selection of HypoallergenicGluten Free and Grain Free products.

Dried Fish Skins

Grain Free

Our fishy treats are made from 100% fish skins, air-dried to keep in all of the natural goodness! Our products are responsibly fished and handmade in Grimsby. They’re a fantastic all-natural, nutritious and tasty treat free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives!

As well as bursting with quality digestible proteins and being low in fat, they’re also packed full of Omega 3, important for keeping joints, coats, skin, heart, eyes and weight healthy! Omega 3 also aids in brain development, helping focus, memory and behaviour.

The benefits are endless and they’re perfect for pooches of all ages!!!

Fish is an extremely perishable item and requires preservation if it is to be used for future uses. Several preservation methods are used around the world to ensure the fish will be of a very high quality in the coming months and years. The aim of all these methods is the same, to extend shelf-life. One of these preservation methods is drying, which is the oldest known method of preserving perishable food items including fish.

The term “drying” ‘is actually the “dehydration’’ of a food product and involves removal of water content from the fish body. Drying fish can take several days, but by doing so we keep proteins and intrinsic nutritional properties intact. This drying process is practiced under controlled operational parameters like air temperature, relative humidity, air velocity etc. Our practice is to dry fish in an enclosure provided with facilities to control these parameters and guarantee that no outside contamination will be allowed.

Dried fish is quite hard but softer than bones. If your dog is older and has been fed dried or soft foods all its life, the teeth maybe sensitive to hard foods. In this case just put the fish in water for some hours and it will soften up. If left in water long enough the fish will eventually return to its original form and become very close to fresh fish.

Natural Chews

Grain Free

Paddy Wacks - TOP QUALITY SCOTTISH BEEF - Tasty chews (ligament) to keep your dog fit & healthy. Can be used as a treat or part of your dog’s diet.

Wild Scottish Venison - Low fat venison strips and pieces – 85% protein and only 5% of fat. Dried meaty chews.

Veal Strips -  Strips of British veal slow roasted for optimum flavour. 100% natural and very low fat. A great natural teeth cleaner, also ideal for dogs with delicate stomach.

Scottish Roast Beef Pieces - These cuts are trimmings from steak cuts such as sirloin and rump, roasted and crisped to make them a great nutritional chew for your dog.

Duck Necks Driednatural, low fat chews made from 100% Duck. They are without artificial colourings or preservatives and are a delicious treat for small and large dogs alike, as well as a tasty reward. They are bigger than Chicken necks.

Dried Beef Tripe Sticks - Complimentary dog food – feed as a treat or reward - NO ADDITIVES, PRESERVATIVES, COLOURING OR E-NUMBERS. Great for: Teeth and gums. HIGH IN PROTEIN. Wheat free – Gluten Free – Hypoallergenic.

Thick Bull Pizzles - 100% natural hard chew. Suitable for all breeds. Air-dried to lock in the goodness, naturally dried (not cooked) the bone does not splinter.

Buffalo horn - long-lasting treat that wears down very slowly. Low in fat, ideal for aggressive chewers. Will not splinter.

Pig Ears - are really tasty and dogs really enjoy them. Ideal for the larger dog or a dog that likes a good chew and are of course totally natural.

100% Rabbit Ears - completely natural guilt free treat to give your dog that's low in both odour and fat. A fantastic treat for dogs with sensitive digestion and allergies. They are high in protein and are great as either a quick snack between meals or to keep your dog busy for hours. Hypoallergenic - Low Odour - Suitable for sensitive dogs or dogs with allergies - High protein content - Helps keep your dogs teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Chicken feet - scrumptious treat for all dogs. A natural source of glucosamine, great for joint pain. Helps promote and maintain strong joints. A real, natural, healthy treat.

Jurassic bone - A long-lasting durable treat that will satisfy the natural chewing instinct. Just a natural whole marrow bone from beef cattle. Cares for teeth and gums. Great value for money. Ideal for larger breeds.

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Gourmet Sausages

CHICKEN & TUMERIC SAUSAGES - GRAIN FREE - British - 100% Natural - 78% of chicken - No artificial additives or preservatives - Gently dried to lock in freshness - Easy to digest.

Dried Gourmet Sausages - made from 100% natural ingredients and containing 70% meat. Smoked Chicken - Liver - Beef & Garlic. Sausages are always a winner and are a great treat at any time. Can be fed whole or broken apart. Gently dried to lock in freshness. Feed as a treat ideal for training. Free from artificial additives and preservatives. Made in Britain.

8inch Long Sticks Sausages - Black Pudding - Venison. 100% Natural. Perfect for the smaller mouth. Perfect for puppies. Can be cut for training purposes. Gently dried to lock in freshness. Feed as a treat on a regular basis. Ultimate convenience. Made in Britain.

Moist Sausages - soft sausages, easy to break to small pieces. Ideal for training, reward etc. Suitable for adult dogs as well as puppies. Chicken & Cheese - Liver - Beef & Garlic. Made in Britain.